Wednesday, November 2, 2011


In order to facilitate better srvices and convenience to the dealers and taxpayers . the Excise and Taxation Department , Government of punjab is upgrading its existing information technology system with the next generation technology . The department is trying to address the issues faced by the dealers to the maximum  possible extent .
One of the major issues identified during discussions with representatives of trade and industry relates to the correctness and completeness of dealer data in master dealer file (MDF). To eradicate this problem, the department is giving an opportunity to all the dealers to update their information themselves, ONLINE, using a easy web-interface.
This facility is being offered upto 25th Nov.2011. All the dealers are expected to either validate the existing information in the MDF or correct and update it. Failure to do so will imply that the existing data is correct in all respect. It is, however, advised that dealers validate it for their own benefit. The link for this is:-